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4 Forms Of Insurance For Florida Fun

4 Forms Of Insurance For Florida Fun
As we move into the warm season here in Central Florida, people are bound to be out and about in all their recreational vehicles for travel, golf, fishing, and fun. But don’t get caught uninsured. An accident and resulting injuries, property damage, and lawsuits could cause an immediate and immense financial burden.
Here are the basics you need to know about the four most common forms of insurance for recreational vehicles in Florida:

1. Motorcycle Insurance
Motorcycle insurance is extremely important given the much higher rate of vehicle accidents that involve motorcycles as compared to regular passenger vehicles. Florida ranks as one of the top motorcycling states in the nation, and you will have no trouble finding a good offer on insurance if you look around.

The main components of motorcycle insurance are:

  • Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage caused to others, when you are at fault in an accident. You must have at least $10,000 in coverage, but this can come from your health insurance policy if you wish.
  • PIP (personal injury protection.) PIP covers medical bills for you and your passengers, and in Florida, you need a $10,000 minimum coverage limit.
  • Medical payments. This is extra protection on top of PIP. It won’t cover loss of income like PIP will, but it will help with all medical bills stemming from the accident.
  • Collision & comprehensive. If your bike is worth a lot of money, you travel with it a lot, or your lender requires it, you will need to buy collision/comprehensive. This protects your own property (bike) in the event of a collision, theft, vandalism, and more.

2. RV Insurance
For those who like to roam the state or country in an RV, motor home, travel trailer, or camper, RV insurance is a must. There are too many risks involved with life on the go to neglect protecting yourself from them.

Here are the main types of RV insurance:

  • Vacation liability protects you against lawsuits if you accidentally cause an injury or property damage to someone else with your RV. This only applies while the RV is being used as a vacation residence – it thus is like “temporary homeowners insurance.”
  • Total loss replacement applies to newer RVs, while older ones may go based on agreed-upon value or actual cash value.
  • Roadside assistance and emergency expense coverage.
  • Medical payments cover to protect yourself and your fellow travelers.
  • Personal effects insurance will reimburse you for damaged, destroyed, or stolen contents of your RV – up to the preset limit.

3. Golf Cart Insurance
Golf cart insurance may seem like an unusual type of policy, but it’s very practical for heavy golfers – of which Florida has many!

You can include bodily injury cover, property damage, collision/comprehensive, transport trailer, accessory, roadside assistance, and other types of coverage as you desire. Since golf carts don’t have to legally be insured, it’s totally up to you which components to choose.

4. Boat & Jet Ski Insurance
The abundant waterways in and around Flagler County are just begging to be boated! But it’s wise to protect yourself with adequate boat insurance first – even though it’s not technically mandatory.

Liability coverage, boat, motor, and trailer insurance, and medical payments cover are the major elements of boat insurance. If you have a jet ski, be sure to check out this link on the special features of jet ski insurance.

Whether you are looking for motorcycle insurance, or another form of recreational policy, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today to custom-build your ideal policy!