All About Bass Boat Insurance

All About Bass Boat Insurance
In Central Florida, the fishing and cruising opportunities abound, and you can use your boat all year round. Bass (fishing) boats are among the most common types of personal watercraft in Florida waters – but don’t let a lack of adequate insurance ruin your Florida fun!
Below, we will look at the basics of how bass boat coverage works and why you should not be without it.

What Is Covered By Bass Boat Insurance?
The most basic type of coverage included in standard boat insurance is liability coverage in case you are at fault in a boating accident. This covers injuries you may cause to others and any damage you may accidentally do to the boats (or other property) of others.

Additionally, most policies also cover your vessel itself based on replacement value, current market value (takes into account depreciation), or a preset sum, for a total loss. And they cover you for damage done to your bass boat that requires professional repairs.

Medical payments coverage adds protection in case you or one of your passengers is injured. While special coverage can also protect your outboard motor, your boat trailer, and fishing equipment (like power poles and fish finders.)

Why Cover Your Fishing Boat With Insurance?
There are many advantages to a fully outfitted, up to date bass fishing boat. They are high quality yet reasonably affordable, relatively simple to operate, require little maintenance, don’t tilt as easily in the wind (they sit lower in the water), and may include a trolling motor that lets you keep both hands on the fishing rod.

A vessel that cost you only a few hundred dollars might not be worth insuring other than with basic liability protection. But anything a thousand dollars and up becomes an investment comparable to what you may have put into your car. Thus, it makes about as much sense to go without car insurance as without boat insurance if you use your boat much at all.

The bottom line is clear, the potential costs of not having boat insurance are way too high. Damage to your own vessel, motor, trailer, or state of the art fishing equipment could cost you hundreds of dollars. Medical bills from personal injuries or injuries to others onboard could cost thousands. And even a single incident involving another vessel could make you liable for tens of thousands of dollars.

Florida’s busy waterways are no place to boat uninsured. Especially when boat insurance is so affordable. There are many ways you can bring down your premiums, such as by passing a boating safety course, including safety features on your vessel, or raising your deductible. You can also save by turning off coverage during the fishing off-season (if you have one!) and then turning back on when you’re ready to get back out on the water again.

Buying boat insurance is not required by law in Florida, but it is a very good idea – especially for frequent fishers or for those with expensive vessels and equipment. For a competitive, no-obligation quote on insuring your bass boat, contact Flagler County (FL) Insurance Agency today!