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Does Homeowners Insurance Include Wind & Flood?

Does Homeowners Insurance Include Wind & Flood?
In Florida, hurricane season (June through November) creates considerable risk for wind and water damage to your home, especially if you live at or near the coast. Is regular homeowners insurance enough to cover you against these added risks?
In point of fact, while homeowners insurance is essential, you may need a flood/wind rider and/or a separate flood and wind insurance policy to get the fullest possible protection.

Wind And Water Damage Cover With Homeowners Insurance
Your typical home policy will offer much coverage against various forms of wind and water damage, besides coverage against fire, vandalism, burglary, personal liabilities, and more. Storm damage due to wind and wind-borne objects, and water damage due to roof leaks will be covered.

However, only wind and flood insurance will give you full coverage against the potential effects of a hurricane or other major storm. There are areas where home insurance alone won’t protect you, which is why mortgage lenders in Florida require home buyers to buy not only homeowners insurance but wind/flood insurance as well.

Homeowners policies may also have special deductibles for hurricanes, which are based on a percentage of the damage instead of a flat rate. You can adjust these deductibles or customize your policy with other terms, however, if you want to buy extra protection.

Different Ways To Buy Wind/Flood Coverage In Florida
The National Flood Insurance Program, backed up by the federal government, is the most common way people buy flood insurance. The high cost of flood damage after a hurricane or other major storms virtually requires special coverage of this kind of damage.

But you may also be able to add a flood/wind rider to your homeowners policy or buy a wind and flood policy from a private insurer. This will add extra protection for your building, its foundation, your electric and plumbing systems, appliances, carpeting, and more.

A wind and flood rider allows claims for broken windows, damaged from trees and branches, lost roofing shingles, and water damage that results from wind damage. Flood insurance covers you for water damage where the water rises to enter the building from the ground, due to a storm surge, because of a river, creek, or lake that is overflowing its banks, or due to pools of water that break loose and enter your home.

It’s important to realize that the manner in which water damages your home will determine whether a flood policy or regular homeowners policy covers it. So it’s best to “cover all your bases” and not be surprised by coverage details in the aftermath of a storm.

How Much Wind/Flood Coverage Do I Need?
Your mortgage company will likely require wind/flood cover if you live anywhere in the state of Florida, and they will set a minimum amount. But you may want to buy additional coverage beyond the minimum if you live near the coast, near a lake or stream, or anywhere that is prone to frequent flooding.

If your house is situated in a valley or near a hill or cliff over which water may pour profusely during a storm/flood, that’s another reason to invest in full flood/wind insurance.

The bottom line is to enable yourself to restore or replace your home and its contents after anything damages it – be that wind, water, or fire. Talk to Flagler County Insurance Agency today to get started in crafting a total home-protection insurance plan that fits your needs and budget.