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Finding Auto Insurance For The First Time

Finding Auto Insurance For The First Time
The cost of auto insurance will vary for a variety of reasons, among them being your age, driving skill level, and the raw number of years you’ve been on the road. When you are 18 and just got your Florida driver’s license for the very first time, all of these factors tend to raise your car insurance rates.
However, there are steps you can take and strategies you can follow to lower your initial auto insurance rates and to see them sink yet further in the months and years ahead.

Here are 7 tips for 18-year-olds to get their lowest possible car insurance premiums:

1. Find The Right Auto Insurer
Take the time and effort to comparison shop for auto insurance, comparing apples to apples. You would be amazed at how much rates can vary from company to company for the exact same insurance product. In Central Florida, Flagler County Insurance Agency offers extremely competitive rates for all its customers – including 18-year-olds.

2. Think Insurance When Buying A Car
If you haven’t committed to a particular vehicle yet, find out how much your various options will cost to insure before signing on the dotted line. If a car is too old, it may have higher rates due to lack of modern safety features; if a car is too new, it may cost more to insure due to its high replacement cost. Also, if you have a large car loan, the lender will require collision and comprehensive coverage.

3. Avoid A Sporty, Red Vehicle
We all love the look of a cherry red convertible, but when it comes to car insurance, sporty cars and muscle cars cost more (on average) to insure. Partly this is because they tend to be driven by younger drivers who take more risks and get into more accidents. If you avoid this kind of vehicle, however, you will see lower premiums.

4. Have A Good Credit Score
You may not have a long driving record yet (or any driving record), but perhaps, you have a good credit score. If so, this can save you money on auto insurance premiums with many insurers. It’s worth asking about if you think your score is good enough to save you a few dollars.

5. Be A Student Driver
Sometimes, you can get a discount on car insurance if you are enrolled in college, are about to be, or have good grades in college or in high school. Again, this is just an example of the kind of “good behavior” that can affect your insurance rates.

6. Get A Group Discount
Many times, you can get a discount on your car insurance when you’re young if you buy insurance from the same company your parents do. A group rate discount of this kind is an effective way for insurers to get extra business and for 18-year-olds to save.

7. Limit Your Mileage
By driving safely, paying your premiums on time, and not having coverage gaps in the future, you can eventually lower your rates. But one thing you can do now is, if possible, limit your mileage. Those who drive less per year often have lower insurance rates since they spend less time on the road.

Nobody likes to pay more than they have to for auto insurance – and you don’t have to! Contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today to find ways that first-time drivers and everyone else can save big from month to month. We can help customize your policy to help you save.