How Dental Insurance Protects Both Oral And Overall Health

How Dental Insurance Protects Both Oral And Overall Health
Why invest in dental insurance? The question is tantamount to asking, why is it important to carefully guard my oral health? Dental insurance can and often does save you money on preventative and corrective dental care, provided you choose a policy that best fits your needs.
But, it also makes you much more likely to get those biannual dental checkups and tooth cleanings recommended by the ADA – and much less likely to develop serious dental problems like advanced periodontitis or the need for root canal surgery.

What’s less commonly known is just how much good oral health can impact your overall health.

How Dental Insurance Boosts Your Oral Health
Of course, maintaining a proper daily regimen of brushing, flossing, and using an antiseptic mouthwash; eating vitamin rich foods, instead of empty calories and excessive sweets; and kicking bad habits like smoking, heavy drinking, and grinding your teeth at night, will be a huge part of maintaining your oral health.

But seeing your dentist regularly to have your mouth examined by a professional and thoroughly cleaned of plaque and encrusted tartar is also a major factor – and you’re much more likely to do that when it’s already included as “free” in your dental plan.

Second, dental insurance often makes it free to see your dentist for a mere consultation. That’s something that can cost $100 without insurance coverage. And knowing that it won’t empty your pockets just to visit the dentist and find out what may be wrong makes you much more likely to do so and to therefore catch dental problems quickly before they become more serious (and more expensive to treat).

The discounts for fillings, extractions, root canals, periodontal treatment, dental crowns, and maybe dental implants and other major dental procedures also help you afford to keep your mouth healthy – but the preventative care hopefully will make that a moot point.

How Dental Insurance Boosts Your Overall Health
We’ve seen how having good dental insurance can put you on the path to good oral health. But the benefits don’t end there. There’s a ripple effect that goes through your whole body.

For example, inflammations in the gums often cause inflammations in other parts of the body. Mouth infections and bacteria can spread through the bloodstream to cause heart conditions, inflame diabetes, increase the risks of preterm or low-weight births, and become a general drag on your immune system.

When fearing you can’t pay for dental care causes you to live with poor oral health, that poor oral health can lead to other health problems, which themselves can cost you a lot of money to treat.

The bottom line is, there’s a domino effect that can hurt both your health and your pocketbook, and investing in a dental plan is one key way to keep that first domino from falling.

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