How Do Auto And Motorcycle Insurance Compare?

How Do Auto And Motorcycle Insurance Compare?
Florida has one of the highest rates of motorcycle ownership in the country and some of the most lenient laws on motorcycle insurance in the USA as well. But if you’ve never bought a motorcycle insurance policy before, you may not be aware of how they differ at points from auto insurance.
If you want to delve immediately into how to get a lower motorcycle insurance quote, follow the provided link. But to learn more on how auto and motorcycle coverage compare, read on.

What Features Do Motorcycle & Car Insurance Share?
Four areas that are generally the same for both motorcycle and car insurance are liability, property damage, medical payments, and un- or under- insured motorist coverage.

Your motorcycle liability coverage will pay for property damage and bodily injury to the other driver in the event of a collision. In Florida, you have to have $10,000 liability for bodily injury, $20,000 for two or more persons injures, and $10,000 per collision for property damage liability. You can do this via a self-insurance certificate or through an actual motorcycle insurer.

Property damage to the bike itself may be required on expensive bikes being bought on credit. And it makes sense to protect your motorcycle from damage, total loss, and theft if it’s worth much. But due to the high theft and physical damage rates of motorcycles, expect this type of coverage can be a bit costly.

To protect yourself (or any covered rider) against medical expenses arising from bike accidents when you yourself were at-fault, you need to add medical payments coverage.

Finally, uninsured motorists cover, which also generally includes under-insured motorists coverage, is a smart and inexpensive add-on to your policy. Nearly one-eighth of Florida drivers have no vehicle insurance, and many more are under-insured, so you need to take matters here into your own hands instead of waiting for others to “get responsible.”

How Do Auto And Motorcycle Insurance Policies Differ?
While many features of auto and bike insurance policies are the same, some are quite different. Here are the main differences to be aware of:

1. Trip Interruption Coverage
This special feature caters to the specific needs of cyclists, who often like to go on cross-country excursions. If your motorcycle breaks down far enough from home (usually 100 miles or more), then your hotel, food, and certain other expenses incurred as a result will be covered.

2. Customization Coverage
Unlike with auto owners, it’s very very common for bike owners to customize their bikes with add-ons and various customized or replacement parts. Therefore, most motorcycle insurers give you some coverage for custom parts on even a standard policy. But you can add extra such cover up to the limits the insurer allows if you’re willing to pay a higher premium.

3. Bike Trailer Coverage
Many motorcycle owners like to bring their bikes with them on vacation but not actually drive their bikes to the vacation spot. Therefore, it’s standard for some amount of bike trailer cover to be included in a motorcycle policy. But again, you may want to add extra cover for this if you use an expensive trailer or use one frequently.

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