How To Properly Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

How To Properly Compare Auto Insurance Quotes
It almost goes without saying that in order to locate your best available offer on auto insurance you need to get multiple quotes and then compare them. But you need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and that the quotes you compare are truly accurate.
Plus, you don’t want to just go with the offer that is one dollar lower than the next one up, but it’s important to take the quality of the policy and the reliability of the insurer into account as well.

Here are 5 top tips to remember when you are looking for a new car insurance company:

1. Start With A Ballpark Figure
It takes time to make phone calls and provide enough information to get a relatively precise car insurance quote.

You can eliminate a lot of options without so much hassle by inquiring online at websites, insurance quote calculators, or comparison sites to get a ballpark idea of how much different companies charge for the same basic thing.

If you are getting readings 10% to 20% higher than what you are already paying or much higher than the most affordable estimates, just leave those behind and focus on your “top prospects.”

2. Specify Your Vehicle & Driving Habits
Once you begin calling up different insurers on your “short list” (or talking to an agent via a chat session), you need to be prepared with the right set of questions.

First off, be ready to specifically identify the vehicle you want to insure – make, model, year, VIN, passed inspection, general condition, color, vehicle history, and any special safety features. Also, have an estimate of where you will be driving your car, how often, and how many miles per month/year.

3. Give All Relevant Personal Information
You don’t need to give out things like SSN or birthdate when just asking for a car insurance quote – obviously. But you do need to basically identify yourself and any factors that might affect your monthly premiums.

Some factors to mention include male/female, age, address (where you live often affects quotes dramatically), your highest educational achievement (college & up can get a discount), and how long you have had a license and driven a vehicle. Passing a driver safety test and having a good driving record should also be mentioned.

4. Ask If Credit Score Will Affect Premiums
Some auto insurers use your credit score (right or wrong) as a factor in determining how high your premiums will be. Therefore, you need to know if this will be part of the equation, and if so, how big of an impact it will have.

If you have poor credit, look for an insurer that does not use credit history as a criterion; but if you have an above-average credit score, it makes sense to do the opposite.

5. Ask About Any Special Discounts
Aside from providing the information outlined above, you should close by asking the agent with whom you are speaking if there are any other discounts you might be able to qualify for. These could include, for example, a bundling discount.

Be sure that all quotes you get are based on the same information so that you are truly comparing apples to apples. Take into account the amount of coverage and the reputation of the company – not just premiums only.

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