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The 5 Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

The 5 Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Medical payments, or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is not required for motorcyclists in Florida – but only drivers of four-wheeled vehicles must have $10,000 of PIP to legally drive.
However, given that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a vehicle accident per mile traveled, and also much more likely to suffer from a serious bodily injury in a crash, it only makes sense to add protection for personal injury to your motorcycle insurance policy.

To give you an idea of the risks involved, here are the five most common injury types suffered by motorcyclists:

1. Head Injuries
Even though two-thirds of bikers nowadays wear a helmet, because a third still don’t and because even with a helmet you can suffer serious head trauma, head injuries are among the most common and most serious of all motorcycle accident injuries.

Concussions, traumatic brain injury, a cracked skull, and major lacerations and bruises to the head are all too common. Neck injuries, full or partial paralysis, whiplash, and damage to one’s eyesight or sense of hearing are also closely related to head injuries. Head injury is also one of the main causes of motorcycle accident fatalities.

2. “Road Rash”
When bikers fly off their bikes during an accident and slide on the pavement – due to the impact of the collision or due to the force of hitting the brakes hard and sudden, “road rash” is the result.

Exposed skin is easily rubbed on the pavement to produce cuts and scrapes and long term skin irritation, infections, and nerve damage. Relatively thin clothing can be worn through as one slides on the pavement, while leather jackets, specially made “motorcycle jeans,” tough gloves, and knee pads can help reduce the injury level.

3. Biker’s Arm
Similar to road rash but distinct is “biker’s arm.” Biker’s arm occurs because of the natural human instinct of shielding yourself with your arm(s) when about to feel an impact.

However, this means your arm absorbs more of the impact if you are thrown from your bike. This can lead to permanent nerve and muscle damage to the arm and the whole upper body. Leather jackets and elbow pads can reduce this risk.

4. Leg Injuries
Usually, leg, knee, and foot injuries in motorcycle accidents are not fatal, but they can be very serious and debilitating. Broken legs, fractured bones, deep cuts, and widespread, severe bruising and bleeding often occur.

It can take years to fully regain the ability to walk freely and without pain, and sometimes, permanent disability results from leg injuries. Tough pants, knee pads, and specialized “motorcycle boots” can help reduce risks.

5. Loss Of Hearing
Finally, hearing loss – partial or total, due to damage to the eardrum is another common injury arising from motorcycle accidents. Putting on a helmet protects your head but actually increases the noise level and thus the risk to your ear drums.

Therefore, it’s important to wear ear plugs to reduce the noise. But of course, you still have to be able to hear while you drive, so the ear plugs must set the sound at a level that lets you interact with your environment as well.

These are only a few of the injuries often resulting from motorcycle collisions and that your motorcycle insurance policy can cover. To discuss customizing motorcycle insurance to your exact needs, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today!