The Top 5 Most Common Pet Diseases

The Top 5 Most Common Pet Diseases
Many people don’t know a lot about pet insurance, and that’s understandable since only 1% or so of US pets are currently insured. But that number is rapidly growing as pet owners begin to realize how expensive it can be to pay 100% out of pocket when their precious pet gets injured or falls ill.
While there are a variety of things a good pet policy can assist you with, one of the most important is pet illnesses. Here are the top five pet diseases that most standard pet insurance policies cover in full or in part:

1. Dental Diseases
Most pet owners don’t brush their pets’ teeth (though some do!), and a poor diet, age, bacterial infections, and a host of other causes can lead to doggy (or kitty) dental disease. This is the most common of all pet diseases – and it is covered by pet insurance.

Both tooth decay and gum diseases are quite common in pets. Oral abscesses are frequent in older dogs. Bad breath, loose or missing teeth, tooth discoloration, lumps in the mouth, picky eating habits, and a testy temper are among the problems doggy dental disease can cause.

Pet insurance can cover pet dental cleanings, extractions, root canals, periodontal treatment, and more. A good vet will also give you advice on how to prevent further oral problems in your pet.

2. Ear Infections
A second common pet disease is an ear infection. Ear infections are often caused by allergens in the air or in the pet’s food. Dogs with larger ears tend to get ear infections easily. And if you see a dog or cat rubbing its ears or shaking its head – it probably has an infected ear canal.

Ear infections can be very serious. If the ear canal is red or you see crusty scabs in or near the ear – or if your pet seems to be losing its balance and/or sense of hearing, a vet trip is a must. The prescription drugs used to fight ear infections in pets can cost a bundle – but pet insurers can protect you against that expense ahead of time!

3. Skin Infections
Scratching the skin is normal for dogs, but when you notice your canine picking up the pace of his/her scratching, there is probably a real underlying problem.

Many pet foods contain corn, wheat, or soy products that some pets are allergic too. That is one possible source of the trouble. But whatever the cause, you want to see your vet without delay (and without worrying about the bill) because too much scratching can lead to skin sores and “hot spots” or even to serious infections.

4. Bouts of Vomiting and/or Diarrhea
Digestive problems may lead to your dog, cat, or other pet experiencing severe bouts of vomiting and/or diarrhea. In the short term, that doesn’t have to be a big concern. But if it continues more than a few days, you really want to take your pet in for a checkup.

A parasite, worms, or parvoviruses are common culprits. It’s nice to know your pet policy will cover the visit and any treatments your vet prescribes.

5. Pet UTI
Pets, just like humans, can get urinary tract infections. Dogs often come down with UTI that results in bloody urine, painful urination, temporary loss of your hard-taught housetraining, and other problems. Here is yet another area where pet insurance becomes invaluable to reduce out of pocket expenses.

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