Top Motorcycle Safety Features To Look For

Top Motorcycle Safety Features To Look For
There are more people heading to the highways on the back of a motorcycle nationwide than ever before, and Florida ranks high among “motorcycle loving” states. But given the seriousness and relative commonality of motorcycle accidents and injuries, it’s important to equip yourself with two things: a fully adequate motorcycle insurance policy and a bike that has all the key modern safety features.
Safety Enhancements To Include On Your Motorcycle
If shopping for a new bike, buying one with enhanced safety features will both make you safer and (possibly) get you a discount on your motorcycle insurance. Here are some key such features to look for:

  • LED lights. Using LED lights gives you a clearer view of the road and others a clearer view of you and your bike. This kind of lighting is especially crucial in foul weather. Plus, you gain greater energy efficiency and eco-friendliness with LED!
  • Lower horsepower bikes are safer, overall, for most drivers – especially new bikers. You may get a lower premium on motorcycle insurance with a low hp bike versus a high hp “super bike.”
  • For older riders especially, “trikes” (three wheeled motorcycles) are gaining in popularity rapidly. And they are certainly extra safe.
  • Anti-lock brakes are not on all motorcycles yet in the US, though they are now mandatory in Europe. If you can get them, though, they greatly improve your ability to avoid an accident.
  • Superior stability control helps you keep your traction while accelerating or braking on turns, which does as much as anti-lock brakes to boost driving safety.
  • In the US currently, most bikes don’t have cruise control, tire pressure monitoring, and other system diagnostic safety features, but they can often be added on later.

Also realize you can add extra safety features onto an existing motorcycle. The price for such upgrades is well worth it given that your life and bodily health are at stake!

Safety Gear To Always Wear When Out Biking
A defensive and smart driver attitude does as much as top-tier equipment to prevent accidents. And motorcycle insurance gives you the peace of mind that an accident at least won’t ruin your financially. But a big part of being safe on your bike also relates to what you wear.

Here are some of the key motorcycle safety clothing articles you should invest in to be as safe as possible:

  • Super-safe helmets. Not only should you use a snug-fitting, lightweight but impact-resistant helmet whenever riding your motorcycle, but also consider adding LED lights, built in GPS, and built in mini cameras to it like some modern “super helmet” models do!
  • Wearing tough jeans or pants and a leather jacket and leather (but dexterous) gloves is essential. But also think about investing in new vests and jackets for motorcyclists that have airbags and sensors in them. This can protect vital organs in the event of a major wipe out or collision.
  • Modern, high-tech boots for motorcycle riding are made of flexible, shock-absorbing materials that can save toes, feet, ankles, and legs.
  • Wi-Fi connected motorcycle gloves have just come out that allow you to adjust GPS and smartphone settings by simply touching the glove at the right spot.

By outfitting your bike with all the latest safety precautions, outfitting your own body with safety clothing, and driving in a safety-conscious manner, you minimize your risks on the road. To learn more about driving safe on your motorcycle, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today!