What About Motor/Trailer Coverage With Boat Insurance

What About Motor/Trailer Coverage With Boat Insurance
Given the numerous types of boat accidents that boat owners are at risk of in Florida, it only makes sense to cover yourself with adequate, but affordable, boat insurance.

A typical boat insurance policy will include cover for a damaged, totaled, or stolen boat; for injury to driver, passengers, or other drivers; and damage to other people’s property, such as other boats, or boat docks.

But you can also get coverage for various “boat accessories” included on your policy. Two of the most common such “accessories” are an on board motor and the boat trailer.

About Boat Motor Coverage
Protecting your boat’s outboard motor from all dangers short of ordinary wear and tear is the function of “boat motor insurance.” This can include mechanical breakdowns, accident damage, or loss of the whole motor.

Every insurer will handle boat motor coverage differently, but you can probably get it added to your boat insurance policy for an additional premium amount.

As the likelihood of your motor suffering some sort of damage during its lifetime of use is very high, boat motor cover can add a substantial amount to the premium, but it can also save you money if/when your motor suddenly needs repair.

You can insure your motor based on its replacement cost or on its depreciated value. In other cases, an insurer might cover a motor by “agreed upon value” and even replace an old engine with a new one, up to a certain motor-age. These policies vary greatly from insurer to insurer, and you may even have multiple options with the same insurer.

Also realize that outboard motors, inboard motors, and stern drives can all be handled differently by an insurance company, as can diesel versus gas fueled motors.

About Boat Trailer Insurance
Many times, you can buy a separate boat trailer insurance policy (even if from the same insurance company), since this is considered a very specialized coverage area. But on the other hand, ask your insurer about including trailer coverage in your regular boat insurance policy, because that is sometimes possible as well.

Realize that many boat trailer policies will have specific limitations. For example:

  • They typically only cover trailers specifically built for boat transport.
  • Some policies only cover the trailer while the boat is on it.
  • Other policies cover your boat trailer at home, at a recreation area, and while transporting the boat. (Not usually while driving around with the trailer but no boat on it though.)
  • You can also add theft and liability coverage for both property damage and bodily injury to your boat trailer insurance.

Anyone who is constantly using his/her boat trailer to haul a boat around (common in Florida, where so many great waterways are all around you), should consider adding boat trailer insurance to remove a major source of risk.

Other Boat Accessory Coverage
Permanently attached equipment, such as an anchor, is usually covered by an boat insurance policy.

If you want cover for depth finders, fishing gear, special coolers, or all manner of personal items kept on board, you may need to get a special rider for some of that. Again, permanent attachment to the boat is the usual rule for determining if coverage for an accessory is included or needs to be added to the policy.

To learn more about how to ensure your trailer, motor, and other accessories are covered when you go out boating, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today!