What Are The Benefits Of Getting Vision Insurance?

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Vision Insurance?
Both dental insurance and vision insurance are often best purchased separately from a regular health insurance policy, whether or not your health insurance will cover at least some of those expenses.
Given the statistics on US vision impairment and blindness, stemming from macular degeneration, cataracts, and other eye disease and conditions, it’s no wonder.

Plus, with most US adults in need of either glasses or contact lenses, even more ordinary eye care costs can add up fast. You and your family may well save a good deal of money, plus purchase some peace of mind, by investing in quality vision insurance.

What Will Vision Insurance Cover?
In general, a good vision insurance plan will cover your routine eye examinations and vision tests, a portion or all of the cost for contacts, glasses lenses and frames, scratch resistant coatings to protect eyeglass lenses, and any necessary eye surgeries, including laser eye surgeries like Lasik.

However, depending on your coverage plan, vision insurance won’t cover all eye-related problems. There are some conditions considered more medical in nature that would be covered under a health insurance plan instead. These sorts of issues normally involve an ophthalmologist instead of an optometrist.

More Than A Vision Discount Plan
There are many vision discount plans available that can save you money on your eye care expenses, but usually actual vision insurance coverage does more.

Vision discount plans work much the same as insurance, but you pay a lower premium and get smaller discounts as well. It is like “miniature” insurance and won’t necessarily be enough coverage for everyone.

Sometimes, you can get vision insurance coverage as an employee benefit, but if not, you may want to purchase it on your own. It is relatively low-cost though each policy and insurer is different. If you wear glasses/contacts, see the eye doctor relatively frequently, or are aging or want to cover yourself against possible serious eye diseases, vision insurance is well worth the relatively small price you pay for it.

Choosing A Vision Insurance Provider
Here are a few helpful tips on how to select the right eye insurance provider and the right plan.

First, make sure it’s an insurer that offers coverage in your state and locality. Second, if you already have a preferred eye doctor, verify that your doctor or vision specialist will be “in the network.” If you are in need of an eye examination soon or may need new glasses/contacts in the near future, make sure there is not a lengthy waiting period before you can actually use your new policy. And finally, think about buying a plan that combines both dental and vision into one insurance package. By combining insurances you can sometimes find lower premiums and there’s also the convenience of only having one premium to pay.

Even people with perfect vision can benefit from investing in vision insurance, but it’s especially important as you age or if you have any type of eye condition.

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