When Do I Need Pet Insurance For My Pet?

When Do I Need Pet Insurance For My Pet?
In today’s economy, even ordinary veterinary care can be very expensive – and emergency pet care is through the roof! The costs of owning and properly caring for a dog or cat can be high, and few can pay for it all out of pocket.
That’s why pet insurance keeps gaining in popularity from year to year. The year 2020 is likely to see the highest percentage of US pets insured ever. But many still wonder if they really need to insure their pet since he or she seems to be perfectly healthy at the moment.

Here are 5 reasons why every pet could use insurance, regardless of his/her present condition.

1. Almost Every Pet Will Have Common Claims
You have to think about pet insurance like any other insurance policy – as protection against potential and likely future costs. There are many pet diseases, accidental injuries, and other covered claims that almost every pet is likely to incur at some point in his/her life.

Far better to think and plan ahead than to be taken by surprise and suddenly faced with a veterinary bill in the hundreds or thousands of dollars range.

2. Unusual Claims Also Need To Be Covered
While every pet policy will have some exclusions, most will cover more than just the common, run of the mill kind of pet problems.

Some pets have made national news by the oddity of their pet insurance claims. One at a whole ham, bone and all, while trapped in the refrigerator. Another got stuck in the fluff cycle in the dryer. One Texan dog got his head stuck in a wild hog trap. And it was all covered!

3. Pet Insurance Is Cheaper When Pets Are Healthy
The earlier you insure your pet, the cheaper it is likely to be – all other things being equal. Just like with people insurance, younger and healthier tends to mean lower premiums.

If you wait until your dog or cat is older and weaker or already has some problems, you may not like the costs. Remember that pet insurance does NOT cover preexisting conditions as with ACA-compliant health insurance plans for humans. Locking in a low price early is the best bet.

4. Don’t Lose Your Pet For Financial Reasons!
For many, Fido or Fifi are like a genuine part of the family. But finances can force decisions none of us want to make.

Without pet insurance to cover a pet emergency room visit or the need for a major pet surgery, you might be unable to pay at all. That could mean putting your pet down – especially since veterinarian bills are typically due immediately upon service.

5. Insured Pets Tend To Be Healthy Pets
It may seem counterintuitive, but insured pets actually tend to be healthier than non-insured pets. First of all, when regular vet checkups are covered, you are not going to skip them.

Second, you will be more keen on watching your pet’s diet, physical activity, and otherwise reducing risks if you know it could affect your premiums down the road. Third, the type of pet owners who go the extra mile to insure their precious pets are also more likely to properly care for them.

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