When To Switch Auto Insurance Companies

When To Switch Auto Insurance Companies
When you got auto insurance for the first time, perhaps, you had good reasons for choosing the company you did – or maybe you didn’t really do a lot of comparison shopping because you assumed all insurers are alike. Now, however, you may have come to a point where you are thinking of switching insurers. If so, consider these 5 reasons to switch, along with motivations for choosing your new provider.
1. You Have Recently Relocated
The number one reason to switch policies is simply that you have moved to a new state or a new locality. It’s normally best to buy local with car insurance, and you have no choice but to buy in-state.

Finding a new, reliable insurer in your new area is a part of the overall moving process – and should not be neglected. Comparing terms and quotes on multiple offers is key.

2. Poor Customer Service
Another top reason why people switch auto insurance is a poor experience in regard to customer service.

If your old insurer was just too hard to contact in a timely manner when you needed to or if phone workers were “unprofessional” to you, you might want to seek a company that values its customers more highly.

3. A Disappointing Claims Process
Sometimes, policyholders had little to no problem with their car insurance company until they had to actually go and make a claim. Perhaps you feel the process was handled sloppily or in a foot-dragging manner.

Or, your insurer may have denied a claim you felt was 100% valid. In other cases, the “rules” for claims and their real implications become clearer after an accident and it motivates people to seek a better deal elsewhere.

4. Personal Lifestyle Changes
If your lifestyle is changing, your insurance needs may change along with them. For example, adding another vehicle or driver, acquiring a motorcycle or boat, or taking out a mortgage and homeowners insurance could affect which insurer you should choose.

Bundling multiple covered automobiles under one policy or buying several insurance types from a single insurer will save you time, money, and hassle!

5. You Are Paying Too Much In Premiums
For many, the bottom line is simple – rate increases and dropping off of benefits and discounts has finally led to a decision to switch. Or you may simply have realized that your current policy isn’t giving you your absolute best price point.

There are so many variables that affect how much a driver pays in monthly (or annual) premiums that it always pays to compare what you are paying now to what others are offering.

Age, gender, driving record, credit score, make and model of the insured vehicle, how many miles you drive in a typical month, and a host of other factors come into play – so always be looking for a better deal and you might just find one!

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