Why Add Lay UP Cover To My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

Why Add Lay UP Cover To My Motorcycle Insurance Policy?
Not everyone who owns a motorcycle drives it all year round. Many put their bike into storage for the winter or for multiple months during some other time of year. The question naturally arises, “Do I need to pay for full cover for my bike when I’m not even using it?”
But on the other hand, it can be precarious to just cancel your policy entirely. After all, bikes can get damaged or stolen during the off season too. So what’s the solution?

How To Manage Your Motorcycle Insurance Seasonally
During the “on season,” you may want to be sure to get comprehensive motorcycle insurance and to add trip interruption insurance or maybe motorcycle trailer coverage if you plan on going on any long tours during the summer months.

But during the off season, when your bike is in storage, what do you do? You could reduce coverage during those months and then get back up to full coverage when spring arrives. You certainly don’t want to cancel your motorcycle insurance entirely and have to sign up again later, perhaps, at a higher rate – and be totally unprotected in the meantime.

Motorcycle lay up insurance is another solution to consider. It is tailor made for just these sorts of dilemmas, and given you aren’t even driving the motorcycle during the coverage, it comes at very affordable rate.

In Florida, many will still want to use their bikes during the winter, if not as often. In this case, you might want to reduce coverage but still maintain a degree of liability or other cover in place. But, if there are periods of several consecutive months where you won’t need to use your motorcycle at all, be that winter or some other time of year, you can save money and maintain peace of mind by using lay up insurance.

Consider Adding Motorcycle Trailer Insurance
Even if you don’t use lay up insurance or reduce coverage a few months per year, there are ways you may benefit from upping cover when you plan on taking your bike on long distance jaunts.

Trip interruption insurance protects you if you break down 100 or more miles from home by paying for meals, hotel rooms, and similar travel expenses while you wait for your bike to be repaired. The repairs themselves would be paid by your regular policy, but trip interruption cover fills in the gaps.

For those who haul their bikes on a trailer when they go on vacation, motorcycle trailer insurance is a good idea. While in storage, your trailer may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy – otherwise, you can get a lay up policy for it from your motorcycle insurance provider.

Many bike trailers are included under your motorcycle accessories coverage, but for some top of the line trailers, you might need a separate rider. Ask your insurer if your trailer is covered under a comprehensive policy and whether it’s also covered even when in storage. Be sure you have a high enough limit for trailer repairs – usually $3,000 cover is enough, but it depends on the make and model.

Making seasonal adjustments to your motorcycle insurance policy can make a lot of sense and save you money – even in Florida for many bikers.

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