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Why Should I Insure My Golf Cart in Flagler County?

Why Should I Insure My Golf Cart in Flagler County?

Golf carts certainly provide a convenient way to get around the green. But if you’re like most golf cart owners in Florida, you use your cart for more than simple recreation. You might drive it to the other side of your condo complex to visit a friend, or perhaps you trailer it to a festival to ride around the grounds.

Your homeowners’ insurance will likely cover your golf cart if it suffers damage while on your own property. However, this coverage won’t apply as soon as you remove the golf cart from your own land. As such, as a Florida golf cart owner, it is really important for you to carry specific golf cart insurance. This insurance will cover your cart wherever you happen to take it.

The following are some more specific reasons why golf cart insurance is so important.

Collision Coverage

Of course, you never plan on crashing your golf cart, but it can happen. Another cart may pull out in front of you before you’re able to apply the brakes, or you may misjudge a corner and run into a mailbox.

The cost of repairing a golf cart can be higher than you’d assume. Thankfully, golf cart insurance policies include collision coverage. So, if you accidentally collide with another cart or a stationary object, you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs. If the cart is totaled in a collision, your insurance will pay to replace it.

Property Damage Coverage

Sometimes if you crash your cart, you may cause damage to others’ property. You might bump into a fence, breaking a few rails. Or, you may collide with another cart, denting its fender. A golf cart insurance policy will pay for property damage you cause while driving your cart.

Your insurance agent can help you determine how much property damage coverage you need. This will depend, in part, on where you tend to take and drive your golf cart.

Bodily Injury Coverage

Riding in a golf cart is a relatively safe activity, especially if you’re a careful driver. But unfortunately, people are still hurt in golf carts from time to time. Between 2002 and 2005, approximately 48,255 people visited emergency rooms in the U.S. for golf cart-related injuries. It’s important to prepare for this risk, and purchasing golf cart insurance is the way to do that.

Typically, your insurance policy should cover medical expenses not only for those in your cart but for anyone else you injure while driving your cart. Even minor injuries, like contusions and sprains, can be costly to treat without this coverage.

Transport Trailer Coverage

Do you have a trailer that you use to transport your golf cart? If so, then your insurance policy should cover this trailer, too. You want to make sure you’re protected if your transport trailer is damaged in a collision, or if someone backs into it in a parking lot. 

A standard golf cart policy should cover any damage to the cart when it is inside your trailer. While the trailer itself is not automatically included in most golf cart insurance policies, this coverage can easily be added. Tell your local insurance agent about your transport trailer. The cost of adding the trailer to your policy will depend on the type of trailer, its age, and how often you use it. However, trailer coverage tends to be quite affordable and is well worth the cost.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

What would happen if your golf cart failed while you were driving it across festival grounds? How would you get it home? How would you get yourself home, for that matter?

Situations like these are much easier to navigate if you have roadside assistance coverage on your golf cart insurance policy. If your golf cart stops driving for any reason, you can call for roadside assistance. The mechanic may be able to get your cart going again, and if they can’t, they can provide you with transportation to your home or another safe location while they take your cart in for repairs. 

With roadside assistance coverage, you don’t have to worry about getting stranded while you’re out on your golf cart. Just make sure you always bring your phone along so you can call for help, if needed.

Every golf cart owner in Florida should have a solid golf cart insurance policy to protect their cart, their trailer, and their own financial interests. If you’re looking for golf cart insurance, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency. We’ll discuss your insurance needs and design a customized policy to suit them.