4 Key Benefits Of Having Dental Insurance

4 Key Benefits Of Having Dental Insurance
With the costs of health insurance already high, many people might be tempted to think there’s no need for a separate dental insurance policy or a dental/vision care policy. But the fact is that dental care can be very costly in itself and is not always covered adequately on your ordinary health insurance policy – if at all.
And in most cases, dental insurance is relatively cheap anyway. So it only makes sense to add it on. Even if your regular health insurance provides some cover for some dental operations, you’ll appreciate the additional reduction in out of pocket costs.

Here are four good reasons why you should consider investing in a good dental insurance policy:

1. Check Ups And Annual Cleanings Are Covered
The majority of US adults suffer from some stage of periodontal disease, have multiple fillings, and are missing one or more teeth. And the cost of correcting these problems is much greater than the cost of preventing them to begin with.

Good dental hygiene at home is critical, but eventually you have built up plaque deposits that require a professional cleaning to remove. And regular dental check ups will catch issues early when they’re easier and cheaper to fix.

Most dental insurance will cover the full cost of routine preventative dentistry, and this alone adds great value to the policy.

2. Save Big On Major Dental Operations
Imagine suddenly being confronted with the choice of paying out of pocket and upfront for a root canal, dental implants, periodontal treatment, or another dental operation or letting your oral health deteriorate further.

It can cost $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, or more for many modern dental procedures. And even fillings, crowns, bridges, and “medium range” procedures typically cost hundreds of dollars.

A good dental plan can pay for 50% to 100% of these costs after your deductible. That can easily make the difference between affordable and unaffordable.

3. Guarding Your Overall Health
It’s much easier to maintain good oral health when you aren’t afraid to go to the dentist because you know you have good dental coverage. And that leads to improved oral health for longer in life.

But maintaining oral health affects the rest of your body too. Poor “mouth health” can lead to inflammations and infections in other parts of the body, heart disease and strokes, aggravated diabetes, and even some forms of cancer.

Dental insurance can, thus, indirectly help you sustain good overall health in ways you might not have expected.

4. Greater Productivity At Work And At School
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that millions of work hours are lost due to dental problems each and every year. And workers with dental problems (such as a throbbing toothache) tend to be less productive even while at work.

And the same is true for children at school: it’s much harder to concentrate in class when you are suffering from a dental problem your parents can’t afford to resolve right away. And considering that some 20% of all children’s healthcare costs are dental related, this is no small issue for families with minor children in the home.

Most people can benefit from some form of dental insurance. How much and what kind is best will vary greatly from situation to situation. To learn more about how to find a policy that’s right for you, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today!