5 Good Reasons to Buy Dental Insurance

5 Good Reasons to Buy Dental Insurance
With so much concern over health insurance in general, and with auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance, perhaps, already needing to fit into the budget, does it really make sense to purchase dental insurance?
We believe the answer is a resounding, unequivocal “Yes!” And here are five good reasons why:

1. Your Oral Health Is Invaluable
You rely on your teeth every day, every time you chew your food or open your mouth to smile.

Having painful, damaged, or missing teeth; or suffering from chronic periodontal deterioration or other oral health problems would be an extremely unpleasant experience, to say the least.

With dental insurance on the ready, you will be much more likely to get your regular check-ups and teeth cleanings and to see the dentist quickly when a dental or periodontal problem begins to develop.

2. Your Overall Health Is At Stake
The fact is, your dental health has a big impact on your overall health and wellness. Inflammations in the gums, for example, can lead to inflammation in other parts of the body. Tooth loss can lead to TMJ disorder (deterioration of the muscles in the lower jaw.) And poor oral health increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain forms of cancer, and more.

3. Your Policy Can Cover It All
Most dental insurance policies will be fairly comprehensive in nature. There are still riders you can add, say perhaps for periodontal care or for dental specialist services, but an “ordinary” policy may cover:

  • Preventative care, meaning routine cleanings and office visits.
  • Restorative care, which can include such things as fillings, crowns, or dentures/bridges.
  • Endodontic care, which would include, for example, a root canal that could save your natural tooth.
  • Oral surgeries, such as extractions, wisdom tooth removal, or even dental implants.

The details will vary and you can add more, but the fact is, even a basic dental policy will cover all or most of the procedures and services you are likely to ever need.

4. You Can Customize Your Policy
All health insurance of every sort gives you some degree of flexibility in what you will pay to have covered, how high your premiums and deductibles will be, and the like.

But dental insurance tends be even more diverse, in that there are a number of different plans as to how you will pay and where you will receive discounts.

You have direct reimbursement plans, where you get a specified percentage off of any and all dental treatments. Then there are UCR (“usual, customary, and reasonable”) policies which give you a percentage off but only up to a predetermined fee limit. And there are systems that give you a set dollar amount off per particular service, systems where you pay per month per person, and more.

You really do have many, diverse options with dental insurance plans, and there is a policy for everyone.

5. You Will Almost Certainly Use Dental Insurance
Finally, dental insurance is a good idea because your odds of saving more than you pay is higher than with many other forms of insurance. That’s because almost everyone will end up using their policy for actual dental expenses every single year, even if only for an annual or biennial checkup/cleaning.

Let’s face it, everyone gets a cavity eventually, and most US adults eventually need a root canal, extraction, implant, or something else.

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