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5 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums

5 Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Premiums
Everyone who drives in Florida has to have auto insurance by law, and insurance premiums aren’t always cheap. But in reality, reducing auto insurance rates is often very doable and is one of the easiest ways to save a significant amount of money if you’re on a tight budget.
If you need commercial auto insurance, it’s a whole different situation, but for most people, a simple personal policy will do.

Here are 5 key ways you might be able to get lower auto insurance rates on your personal auto policy:

1. Comparison Shop
You would probably be surprised by how much car insurance rates vary from insurer to insurer for the same exact coverage. A quick online Google search or spending a little time at a review or comparison shopping site may turn up a better quote.

And don’t be afraid to ask family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers how much they’re paying for auto insurance either because many people find a better deal by word of mouth.

2. Reduce Coverage
You don’t want to go without coverage that you really need, but neither do you want to pay for coverage you don’t need. A vehicle that’s worth less than 10 times the monthly insurance premium may not be worth having comprehensive & collision on, for example.

Or, you can save by raising your deductibles. If you’re a relatively safe driver, that may not be a bad idea.

But it’s not advisable to drop uninsured motorist coverage. There are far too many un- and under- insured drivers out there on Florida highways, and this cover costs you very little extra anyway.

3. Bundle To Save
With many insurers, you can save money if you insure multiple vehicles or buy multiple types of insurance from the same company.

Do you need life insurance or homeowners insurance? Why not bundle them with your car insurance? Or why not switch from another insurer if you already have these other types of policies?

4. Look Into Group Insurance
Quite frequently, you can get a significant discount on auto insurance if you can qualify for a group plan through your employer.

And there are other group plans available too, through professional, alumni, and other organizations. It would be a shame to lose out on a group rate just because you didn’t take the time to discover you could qualify for one.

5. Get Special Discounts
Chances are, there are at least some special discounts available to you with one auto insurer or another. Some companies give you a discount for having a college degree, for low annual mileage, for a high credit score, having a good driving record, being “claim free” for so many years, for getting good grades in school, or for a host of other factors.

On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid insurers who charge you more for a bad credit score or another factor that not all insurers will increase your premium over.

Search around and ask about specific types of discounts – it often pays off!

Follow these five and other strategies for lowering your car insurance rate, and chances are, you can save money without give up any essential coverage.

To learn more about factors affecting auto insurance rates, or for a free no obligation quote, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency today! We can answer your questions and help you save!