Do I Need Trip Interruption Insurance For My Motorcycle?

Do I Need Trip Interruption Insurance For My Motorcycle?
You probably know about the options of getting minimum coverage or comprehensive coverage for your motorcycle insurance policy, but there are also a lot of additional, optional add ons, available with motorcycle insurance that you may not be aware of.
Those who use their bikes primarily on vacation or long road trips should consider adding trip interruption insurance to their motorcycle policy. Here’s how it works:

What Is Trip Interruption Coverage?
If you are using your motorcycle 100 miles or more away from home, under the terms set by most insurers, trip interruption cover will apply (if you add it on in exchange for a slightly increased premium).

What is this kind of cover for exactly? It’s for those situation where your bike breaks down while you’re far away from home on a long road trip. That kind of situation can get quite costly, both in terms of repairs and in terms of living expenses while you wait for your bike to be functional again.

What does trip interruption insurance cover? Well, it differs from roadside assistance coverage, which you might also want so you can get a free tow! Instead, it covers your living expenses, like for meals and hotel stays.

There are a few stipulations, however. First, the bike has to be badly damaged enough that it was essentially unusable. That is, it must be a true break down or a case of where continuing to drive the motorcycle without fixing it first would have been dangerous.

Second, you have to keep proof of payment for any expenses you’re going to include on your claim. That means receipts, bank statements, credit card statements, and the like. Cash payments would require a paper bill of sale.

Third, realize that trip interruption insurance does not cover tows nor the cost of repairing your bike. Other elements of your policy might well cover these things, however.

How Much Will Trip Interruption Cover Pay Out?
The exact amount that trip interruption coverage will pay out varies from insurer to insurer and from policy to policy. But how it works is this:

  • You get a set amount per year that you’re covered for for valid “trip interruption expenses.” Often, it’s around $500.
  • It doesn’t matter if you use all of your coverage amount in one trip or over 10 trips.
  • But you can’t go over the limit or you’d have to pay out of pocket OR talk to your insurer to add extra coverage for the remainder of the year.

If you use your motorcycle frequently but almost always to commute and visit local destinations, trip interruption insurance won’t help you much.

But if you make several trips a year 100 miles or more from home on your bike, or if you make one cross-country motorcycle trip every single year – then trip interruption cover may be worth it for you. It doesn’t cost a lot to add on, and it prevent you from burning up your travel cash or running up your credit card as soon as you’re hit with an unexpected breakdown mid-trip.

To find out more about trip interruption coverage, other riders that can help during trips, or about motorcycle insurance in general, contact Flagler County (FL) Insurance Agency today! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and give you a free quote!