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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents
Florida is an extremely popular state to drive a motorcycle in, and that means the odds of getting into a motorcycle accident are higher than in other states. And motorcyclists’ chances of getting into a collision and being seriously injured are more than double that of drivers of passenger vehicles.
Buying high-quality motorcycle insurance will help protect you against the costs of an accident. That includes injuries to yourself or others, damage done to others’ property, damage done to your own bike, and the damage done by uninsured or under-insured motorists.

5 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Collisions
While there are many reasons why accidents happen, they are never planned. That’s why it makes sense to plan for them via motorcycle insurance. That said, prevention is the optimal route, and knowing the top five causes of motorcycle accidents can help you avoid them.

  1. Lane-change accidents. To avoid getting sideswiped by a car changing lanes, try to stay out of other vehicles’ blind spots. Also stay extra alert when one lane is moving a lot slower than an adjacent lane as this is “prime time” to expect lane changing.
  2. Deadly “fender benders”. A light tap on the back of the car in front of you is not a huge deal, but it is when one “taps” a motorcyclist. Be sure to flash your brake lights whenever slowing down or stopping and a car is right behind you to reduce the risk.
  3. Left-turn collisions. Quite often, a car hits a motorcycle while it is making a left turn and a motorcyclist is heading straight across the intersection at the same time. Avoiding going through “stale yellow” lights, especially where there is no left turn arrow at the intersection, can help here.
  4. “The Death Zone”. The gap between a row of parked cars and a row of moving traffic has been dubbed by cyclists as “The Death Zone.” Why? Because the door of a parked car may suddenly swing open in front of you, a pedestrian may walk out in front, or a parked car may pull out without regarding you.
  5. Alcohol. Whether it be the cyclist or the car driver, when either one is intoxicated with alcohol, the odds of a collision greatly increase. Around 40% of motorcycle fatalities involve alcohol in some way.

How Do I Protect Myself And My Bike?
Taking heed to possible danger situations, like those listed above, is a step towards avoiding them. Taking a motorcycle driving safety course is another key step. Upgrading your bike with important safety features is a third major factor that will help you avoid collisions.

Checking your horn, lights, belt, signals, and brakes before going for each ride, observing all speed limits and traffic rules, avoiding riding in bad weather when possible, having an annual motorcycle inspection done, and always wearing a helmet and other protective clothing will also help reduce your overall risks.

But as risks can never be eliminated, be sure to protect yourself financially as well with an adequate motorcycle insurance policy. To learn more about how motorcycle insurance works, to custom-craft your own policy, and to get a free, no-obligation quote, contact Flagler County (FL) Insurance Agency today!