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Pet Insurance Covers Spaying & Neutering

Pet Insurance Covers Spaying & Neutering
While it’s not a topic that comes up in polite conversation, the fact is, spaying and neutering is a real concern for pet owners. There are good reasons why many people have their dog or cat spayed/neutered, and this procedure can cost a good amount of money.
Most pet insurance policies available today will cover spaying/neutering, thus alleviating you of out of pocket expenses. This is on top of other key pet insurance benefits like coverage of preventative care, emergency care, prescription medications, and behavioral or rehabilitative therapy.

Why Get Your Pet Neutered Or Spayed?
There are a lot of myths floating around about spaying/neutering, and many people don’t even consider it as a viable possibility for their beloved pet. Others, however, get it done for just one reason – to prevent their female pet from getting pregnant or their male pet from causing a pet pregnancy.

But in reality, there are other reasons to utilize modern spaying and neutering for your dog or cat. First of all, it can improve your pet’s health. For example, early sterilization can greatly reduce any risk of prostate cancer or breast cancer in pets.

Additionally, pets are often better behaved following spaying or neutering. They tend to focus more attention on their “human family” instead of wandering the streets in search of a mate. Male dogs won’t need to mark territory, fight other male dogs over mates, and be overly aggressive. They will still be protective – thus, good guard dogs, however.

Females, once spayed, will no longer need to howl, get in a heat, and drive you crazy for days on end during their 3-week cycle. Nor will they urinate excessively (as they do in a heat) and attract male dogs to your property – some of them from relatively great distances.

Thus, there are many good reasons to get your pet spayed/neutered, and pet insurance will help you cover the cost. Considering that hospitalization will likely be necessary immediately following the surgery, the costs involve more than just the surgery itself. And if the operation leads to a pet emergency, your pet insurance will cover that too.

Debunking Common Myths About Spaying / Neutering
There are many myths about spaying and neutering of pets going around. Here are a few of the common ones.

  • That you can’t get it done early. False. The earlier the better, and it should definitely be done within the first 6 months of a pet’s life.
  • That the surgery is dangerous and painful. Actually, anesthetic will be used, and it is so common as to be routine among veterinarians.
  • You should wait till after your female pet’s first litter. Not true. Waiting won’t help your pet. Two months or two pounds is the optimal time.
  • Your pet’s personality will be altered. This will not happen due to spaying/neutering.
  • My pet will become fat/lazy as a result. There is no real connection here – it is a bald-faced myth!

Getting your pet insured will take the financial pressure off of a large number of potential medical needs. Spaying and neutering are among these. And as this kind of operation should be done as early as possible, you should insure your pet that early too.

To learn more about pet insurance and the various ways it can save you money and give you peace of mind in regard to your pet’s health and wellness, contact Flagler County Insurance Agency in Central Florida today!