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Leave Your Worries Back at Shore with Boat Insurance

Leave Your Worries Back at Shore with Boat Insurance

Boating is meant to be relaxing and enjoyable. You set your sights on the horizon, let your body flow with the waves, and make lively conversation with friends. If you’re worried about accidents or damage to your boat, it’s hard to relax and have a good time. Having a good boat insurance policy allows you to leave your worries at the shore while you safely coast along the waves. Here are a few worries you can cast aside when you have boat insurance:

What If Someone Is Injured On Your Boat?

Taking friends and family members out on your boat is one of the most enjoyable parts of boat ownership. However, you may be worried that you’ll be held liable if someone is injured on your boat. Medical bills and lost wages can add up quickly, so this is a legitimate concern. Luckily, boat insurance includes personal liability protection.

If someone is injured on your boat, your insurance policy should pay for their medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses. It is important to check the coverage limit when you purchase boat insurance, however. Some insurance policies offer a small amount of personal liability coverage by default. It’s wise to have at least $50,000 in personal liability coverage, and often more.

What If Another Boat Collides With Yours?

You can control your own driving, but you can’t control what other boaters do. You may be worried that another driver may get too close to your boat and collide with it, causing damage. Obviously, this is an unfortunate situation to find yourself in since you’ll need to get your boat fixed. But at least with a good boat insurance policy, you know that the damage to your boat will be covered.

If the other driver is at-fault for the crash, then it should be their insurance company that pays for the damage to your boat. However, there are boaters out there without insurance and others who are under-insured. If one of them happens to collide with you, then your own policy will cover you.

What If You Collide With Another Boat?

Everyone wants to assume they are responsible, educated boaters and will never make an error. But in reality, even the best boaters make mistakes or oversights, and there is a chance that your mistake could cause you to collide with and damage another boat. If this does happen, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief — the property liability coverage portion of your boat insurance has you covered.

In an accident where you are at fault, your insurance will cover both the damage to your boat and the damage to any other boat involved. These are often separate coverage limits. So, review them both with your insurer before purchasing a boat insurance policy. Your boat will typically be insured for its current value. However, whether you need $25,000, $100,000, or even more property damage liability coverage depends on your circumstances.

What If Your Trailer Is Damaged?

Leaving your trailer back at shore while you boat all day can be a little nerve-wracking. You may worry that someone else will back into your trailer, damage it, or even steal it while you are gone. Luckily, most boat insurance policies also cover any trailer you use to transport the boat. If the trailer is not covered by default, you can purchase an additional rider to cover it. You’ll have more fun on your boat when you’re not worried about your trailer waiting at the dock.

Most boat insurance policies also cover your boat while it’s on the trailer. So, you can set aside any worries about the drive back home, too. Your boat and trailer will be covered if the worst should happen.

Insuring your boat is more than a wise financial decision. It’s also a choice that gives you peace of mind. For the greatest relief from your worries, make sure you work with an independent insurance broker when purchasing boat insurance. They can review various policies and help you find one that perfectly suits your needs. Sailing on the open waters feels better when you know you have enough coverage to protect you regardless of what lies over the horizon.

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