The 5 Components Of Full Health-related Insurance Coverage

The 5 Components Of Full Health-related Insurance Coverage
Your health and the well being of your family financially should you lose it (or lose your life) all call for specific types of insurance coverage. A full-orbed plan that covers all the major risk areas can be both affordable and practical.
Here are the top 5 ingredients to include in your overall health-related insurance plan that can protect you and your loved ones as long as you live:

1. Primary Health Insurance
There’s no question that your basic health insurance plan should be the centerpiece of your overarching plan. Be careful how you choose your policy since you may be stuck with it for a full year before you can switch.

Visit to see what subsidy you will get and which plans are available – and don’t shy away from contacting an insurance agent who can explain to you all the terminology and the ins and outs of how each prospective policy works.

Bottom line: be sure you and your family are fully covered, out of pocket expenses are minimized, and that you can afford the monthly premiums.

2. Secondary Health Coverage
Also, consider adding a secondary (supplemental) health plan like accident or indemnity insurance.

Most primary health policies don’t pay for things like ambulance rides, radiology bills, and non-prescription drugs. And none of them pay for your loss on income while out of work with an injury or illness – but secondary insurance gives you a lump-sum benefit to spend in any way you need.

3. Vision Insurance
Don’t forget to protect your eyes! Remember that glasses, contacts, annual eye exams, and many eye surgeries won’t be covered by your other insurance policy or policies – but a special vision insurance plan will cover it.

There are two major types of vision insurance, but the details vary greatly from insurer to insurer and from plan to plan, so be sure to calculate how much you will actually save.

4. Dental Insurance
Dental expenses are another area not covered by ordinary health insurance – except in the case of children. Unless the dental problem arose from an accident or is life-threatening, you probably have to have a dental plan to cover it or pay 100% out of pocket.

Note that it is customary for dental and vision insurance policies to be bundled by insurers, which can save you money!

5. Life Insurance
No one’s health lasts forever, and when you finally pass away, you don’t want to leave your family without any way to support themselves.

There are several major varieties of life insurance to consider, and many of them are quite affordable – especially if you lock in a low rate while you are relatively young and healthy.

Whatever component of your overall health-related insurance strategy you are interested in at the moment, from vision insurance to life insurance, do not hesitate to contact an experienced, friendly insurance agent at Flagler County Insurance Agency today for assistance in making your choice and for a free, no-obligation quote!