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Why You Can’t Afford To Be Without Homeowners Insurance

Why You Can't Afford To Be Without Homeowners Insurance
About to buy your first home? Or maybe you have a mortgage but don’t like your current homeowners insurance policy? Sometimes, homeowners are tempted to think that maybe they don’t really need a home policy – but that’s a big mistake.
Here are the 5 most important reasons why you need to protect your investment in your home with top-tier homeowners insurance:

1. Your Bank Will Require It
The most obvious reason to get homeowners insurance is that, almost always, your mortgage company or bank will require it in order to protect the property that they still mostly own.

But don’t just settle for any policy. There is a lot of competition for your patronage out there, and not all home insurers are created equal. So take the time to “do your homework” so you can select the most ideal policy.

2. The Risks Are Too Great To Go Without
Explore the most common classes of homeowners insurance claims in Florida today, and you will quickly realize how expensive it can be to have to pay for damage to your home (much less a total loss) 100% out of pocket.

Home fires, hurricane season, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, vandalism, falling objects, and a host of other possible sources of damage to life’s biggest financial investment constantly threaten your home. The risk is just too great to go without a home insurance policy.

3. Homeowners Insurance Includes Liability Protection
With all the focus on the main dwelling, detached structures, and various kinds of physical damage to the property, many people often forget about the fact that standard home policies also include liability protections.

Visitors on your property could suffer an accidental injury – maybe through a slip and fall incident, a dog bite, falling down the stairs, or numerous other causes. Homeowners liability protection can save you thousands of dollars in the event of an injury to non-residents of your property.

4. Your Home’s Contents Are Too Valuable
Another aspect of why you need a homeowners insurance policy is to protect your home’s contents.

Appliances, electronics, furniture, and even valuable items like jewelry can all be covered on your policy. You will want to do a detailed inventory to facilitate prompt claims processing in the event of loss of covered in-home personal property.

And you may want to increase your limits here or cover something normally excluded for a little higher premium.

5. Loss Of Use Coverage
Another benefit of a good, well-rounded homeowners policy is called “loss of use” insurance. That means you are covered for extra expenses (like hotels, meals out, and transportation) incurred due to being temporarily forced out of your home that has been damaged or destroyed by a covered incident. You will appreciate THAT immensely if you are waiting for your home to be repaired or rebuilt!

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